Bugs in Storyline 360

May 04, 2017

Has anyone else noticed a problem when publishing Storyline 360 files to Articulate review/ I.e the course wont load or just hangs at a particular slide?

I have had three problems like this, all this week. I think it may be something to do with icons on a slide, and links attached to them, but I'm not sure. I've had to go through slide by slide removing one item at a time to get it to work, and the only thing all of the issues have in common are that they all have icons on them.

Is anyone else out there having the same problem?



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Monica Keith

Yes, I've had exactly the same problem, with various issues and inconsistent behaviour (such as hanging and not loading the review at all, not being able to progress beyond certain screens, some animations not working, sometimes not loading correct response for a knowledge check) - but all work fine when I copy the link and run it in another browser except Internet Explorer!  I now use either Chrome or FireFox for reviews and unfortunately have had to tell SMEs not to use IE for reviews.  Not great from Articulate 360 in my opinion, should work with all browsers!

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