Building a self-assessment with 3 different results based on score percentage

I am trying to create a skills self-assessment with 15 yes or no answers (there's a correct/incorrect choice to each question), and based on the percentage they get correct, there are 3 different feedback slides (i.e., 0-65% gets result 1, 66-88% gets result 2, 89-100% gets result 3). They also need to be able to review which questions they got wrong so they can understand which skills they need to work on. (for context, the topic is active listening skills). Some of the examples of the questions are below. 

I have tried a few different things on this and read the existing discussions but can't seem to figure out an approach to building this. 

I am building the course in rise but can use storyline to build this and just embed the block.

Does anyone have any recommended approaches or templates that can be modified?

Thank you!

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