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One of my customers wanted a checklist built and uploaded to our LMS.  I have search and experimented but have been unable to find anything or build one successfully.   Has anyone done such a thing?    (ie. various topics with a checkmark to be placed in one box.   -checkboxes would be discussed; performed; proficient; or N/A)   only one box per topic should be check-marked but none would be "correct" or "incorrect")    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Bob S

Hi Sandy,

We've done this in the past outboard of the course.  Some LMSs have the ability to allow users to upload documents. Having these be considered for "completion" is an even more rare feature, but not unheard of.

So... my first thought is to work with your LMS vendor/admin to see if your system allows this. If it does, one of the easy ways is a stand-alone PDF form. You can build in the logic of single answers or whatever right there into a stable format.  And since it's outboard, the learner can retain a copy and use for follow up themselves, re-email, etc as needed.

Sandy Miles

Thank you !!! yes our LMS does have the ability to upload and the problem is we wanted the “completion” within the LMS. At the end of this module I am building, part of it does require them to upload a PDF but not for the checklists (about 20) they want built.

I am going to try to see if I can do it within quizmaker with no scoring and no feedback.

Thank you for your ideas!

Thank you,
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