Building games into a course

Good morning, everyone!

I am building a course where I want to include a game where people interact with a Brannock Device (the silver thing in shoe stores that measures feet). It would like the two knobs (the width indicator and the arch measurement) to be movable. I included a picture of a Brannock Device into this post.

Does anyone know if this is possible to create in Storyline? Or if there is a program online where I could create the game, and then import it into Storyline? Thank you!



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Ryan DeWitt

Sounds fun Rachel, you can use the attached Storyline file I started if that helps. 

  • Change the image of the slider thumbs to the photo shopped or vector png device parts.
  • Hide the scrub bar.  
  • Convert width of the slider values (If Slider = 1, Width = 2e) 
  • Add some referenced variables in text fields for viewing 
  • The game could be matching a variety of shoes with feet with a count down timer. 

Here's a printable version of a Brannock Device if that helps for creating the art.