Building Quiz Using Lightboxes Called from Hotspots

Dec 15, 2017

Hi there! First post in a long time. I missed this community!


I have what I hope is an easy question. I'll describe what I'm hoping to accomplish, could you please weigh in? Thanks!


I have a form we're training on. The learner needs to be able to look at the form, decide what sections need additional information or have errors, and select it. When they select it, it'll either be incorrect (nothing will happen) or a pop-up will then ask them a multiple choice question.

What I'd like to do is use the form as an image on the slide inside a scrolling panel with correct and incorrect hotspots over each of the sections on the form. Those hotspots would then trigger a lightbox to ask a question and give feedback. The user would then close the lightbox and go back to the main slide. As they find each issue, I'll have a counter (using variables) on the main slide.

Thoughts? This sounds doable but I don't personally have a copy of Storyline to test the theory out. Have to design it in Word and then send it off to an offshore developer.


Thanks so much!


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Mike Jones

Hi Nick,

That should certainly be doable. The only thing that will impact how you set up the questions will be whether or not they need to be graded and report to an LMS. Here's how I did it.

  1. First I created a Group of rectangles to simulate your image of the document.
  2. Placed Hotspots over the green rectangles to indicate areas we want the learner to click.
  3. Inserted a scrolling panel and drug everything into it.
  4. Added a second scene with three placeholder question slides (if it needs to be graded/reported).
  5. Added triggers to lightbox the respective question for each hotspot (Top to bottom = 1–3)

Here's a quick demo:

Hope that helps!

Joe Waddington

You can include the scroll bar in the tab order, and even add alt text to it. Everything in the scroll window can be included in the tab order... so the screen reader should be able to pick it up. The light boxes will be introduced into the tab order as they appear, so those should be fine.

The only thing that wouldn't be accessible is the hotspots... they cant' be included in the tab order. However, there is a work around. I've used clear boxes (no fill, no outline) in place of hotspots, to help when I would normally used hotspots. The nice thing about the clear boxes is I can add alt-text to it, so that the screen reader can read whatever I want the screen reader to say. In this example, it might say "part 1 of xyz form".

As always, test your course with the screen reader to see how it behaves. I have noticed that even though Articulate has greatly improved its HTML5 encoder, i can create some interesting interactions with the screen reader.

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