Buttons and Videos

Jun 06, 2017

Ok, so each of my buttons has a video.  The customer wants the video to totally complete before the person can press on the button below it to view the next video.   Help!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jennifer

if the buttons need to be listened to in order, you could set an initial state of 'disabled' to buttons 2,3,and 4.

Then as Button 1 is clicked and Audio 1 layer plays set a trigger on Audio 1 layer

Without knowing if you have close buttons on your layers : Change state of button 2 to normal  when user clicks close button or when media (audio) completes on layer 1.

Repeat that on the following layers so that when button 2 is clicked and audio 2 layer plays set the trigger on Audio 2 layer. Change state of button 3 to normal when xxxxx and so on.

If that doesn't work - give me a little more information about the setup.

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