Calling all moodle users - can you answer a question

hi i am a new articulate storyline user, and also new to moodle  - a great combination.

i want to upload a storyline course into moodle.

i dont want to do it as a scorm package. there is no quiz or tracking needs - it is just an info resource for learners on a bigger topic course.

my problem is that i upload the files, seemingly ok and i make  ea clickable link to story.html.

but the ouput is not right only the background of the player appears, the player itself willnot run.

has anyone done anything like this successfully?

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Mary Cooch
Kim Taylor

Thanks i will try this out and let you know how it works out.

disapointingly i have discovered in a manual i purchased that its not possible to have files shared among courses- it makes a fresh copy so if you have a file/resourse shared amongst many courses you have to make any changeds to each one. so i may be back to using external links for common resources.