Can I make my audio start after a few animations in Articulate?

Jun 04, 2011

Hello Heroes,

As part of the building of a course I want the narration of a slide start only after a few of animations. Does anyone know how can I sync the audio instead of syncing animation. One option is, using the audio editor, insert some silence in front of the audio. But, if there is any other way to do it, it would have been better, so that I can make my audio start at the exact point I wish.

Anticipating replies..

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Dave Neuweiler

You could also build two screens; the first would have the animations you wanted to play without audio, and the second the remainder of the animations with the audio. You'd want the first screen to automayically advance to the second, and you'd probably want to hide the second screen in the navigation panel.

That said, it'd likely be simpler to just add the silence as Phil and Steve suggested, unless there's a compelling reason not to do so.

Tom Thomas

Hi Dave,

That would have been a good suggestion if there was not a compelling reason to not do so. Our course includes so many engage interactions. Each interaction has many tabs. Each tab is created by embedding flash files. And how I make these flash files? First I go to power point and make the animations in a 'single slide'. Then publish it using Articulate presenter. Go to the data folder and pick the flash file named 'slide 1' from the folder 'swf'. This thing I add in engage tabs in embedded format so that each tab has only one flash file.

As you said, if I publish it using two slides, what I get will be two separate flash files inseatd of one.

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