Can the hyperlink be removed from the player tabs?

Well, being new - I posted a question a few days age 'How to add a title to the player' - no response.  :-(

but it was real easy, once I discovered that I can 'Add' a new tab instead.  So now I am wondering if the hyperlink associated with the tab (ie: Resources) can be removed and only the name of the tab appear.

thanks in advance!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Diana, 

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting your question! MY apologies that your previous question went unanswered! 

If I understand correctly, you want to remove the Resources tab? If you'd like to remove the Resources tab, you can simply uncheck the checkbox next to it in the Player properties window. 

Please let me know if this responds to your question, or if I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do ?


Diana Stock

wow - that was a fast response!  Actually, I created a new tab.  I just want a heading to always appear on the player - where the current Resource tab is located. This works great for leaving the whole slide as a canvas for content. - But, creating this 'tab' also has a 'link' associated with it - like the Resource tab.  Can that link be edited or removed?

vineetha charles

Hi Diana,

I believe that you can do this in the Player section of Storyline. In the Features section, you can enter the titles for your course. Enter your first title and then press the spacebar to create a space between the titles. Once you have created your required space, you can enter the second title. You can get a preview of how it will look like in the Preview section on the right.

Hope this helps you.

Diana Stock

so funny thing!  I could not publish my file due the the looooong file name!  could not figure it out - until I noticed that the title is grabbed during the published feature and could only have a limited number of characters.  So had to delete all the spaces and title 2 - presto!  Published.

in case you did not know that little tidbit . . .