Change state of button before moving to another layer

Dec 15, 2020

I have made a custom quiz and made one state for each option (Selected). I have then set a trigger to show the correct and incorrect layer according to the chosen option. How can I ensure that the state of the option turns to selected before showing the correct/incorrect layer? Right now it just shows the layer as soon as I select an option. I want it to show the selected state and then the correct/incorrect layer.

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Chris Dale

You could pause the timeline at say 1 second and have the answer options resume the timeline when clicked, set the timeline to only a couple seconds this would allow the default state of the button to change and show as selected as the user would have just selected it. Have the layers show at the end of the timeline based on the options they selected, right/wrong. 

You need to have the options as a button set, here's your example back showing what I mean.