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I saw a posting from 10-11 months ago that discussed this issue of finding a great reviewing site and I wanted to revisit this subject.  I have been using with my group and the clients for the past several modules and we have been having difficulties.  We are working with videos that we have compressed down to under 5mb each for quick playback with a module of over 100 slides, along with audio, imported animations, hotspots that cue layering, etc..  Slide numbering has gotten off in the reviewing cycle, sometimes playback is goes at normal speed and sometimes completely off - doesn't look like it is connection that is the problem.  We don't like that you can't edit your comment after posting as well - makes for a lot of confusion!

Does anyone else have a reviewing site that has worked well?  I see Articulate has one - is there pros and cons to this?  My main concern is the videos...

Thank you for your help!


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Tim Slade

Hi Melissa! Great question! Like you, I've used in the past and had some issues. I was on the beta for Articulate 360, which includes Articulate Review. It works really well, and you can upload videos. What's nice, is that it will "timestamp" a reviewers comment at the point in the video where they made the comment. You can then manage the feedback by marking it as resolved OR replying to their comment. 

Below is a link to a video I uploaded to Articulate Review. Try viewing it and adding a comment, and then I'll reply to the comment. That way, you can see how it functions.

If you're able to, I would also suggest signing up for the trial and give it a try!