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Meg Bertapelle

Ellen Wahlen said:

I loved these ideas.  I was just completing a course that involved multiple staff doing voice over, and it was fun to add a credits page acknowledging all of these people.  I used Eric's idea, keeping the same layout and look as the rest of the course.  Thanks

e-Learning Heroes!

that's pretty cool! I like it!
Helen Tyson

Alternatively, keeping it simple, with a little playing about with the timeline you can simply use the Fly In / Fly Out entrance and exit animations or transitions to create the basic effect.

Attached is a quick example with two slides, the first uses the timeline and animation the second uses layers with transitions


Ellen Carnahan

Michael Hinze suggests a solution here using a motion path 


If you needed it inside a scrollbox (to run below a title on the page, for example) that might add some complexity, but if the credits just roll from bottom to top this should do the trick. 

The only problem I see with this solution is the lack of user interactivity ~ once the credits are done scrolling, they would have to restart the slide to read them again.