Showing completion of course after quiz tracked in Presenter 2013 and Success Factors LMS

I've got a few courses that were originally powerpoints so I used presenter instead of storyline, and used the quizmaker.  Tracking is using the quiz results set as the default of  "passed/incomplete".   SuccessFactors LMS gave me credit for finishing, but reported COMPLETED (vs passed).  With the quiz in presenter, my LMS doesn't know the score and can't report the score, which I hadn't considered.  Wondering where this score is stored? 

Also, I need is a fix for the last slide which isn't closing the course.  SF LMS  moved the course from To Do to completed history, and gives me credit for it but I had to manually close the launch window.  Is there a way to close this launch window or advance this last slide to exit?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cheryl,

Have you found that Success Factors LMS tracks the success status for other courses? it may be that your LMS doesn't track both success status and completion status. 

Have you tried testing the file in SCORM Cloud to compare how it behaves in another LMS? If the same thing happens in SCORM Cloud, I'd want to take a closer look at your file.

It sounds like you may have included an exit button on the last slide of the presentation. Have you considered adding an exit tab to the player that your learners can click at any time throughout the course?

Check out this tutorial, which includes the instructions for adding an Exit tab.