Collaborative Story boarding & Planning suggestions?

Mar 04, 2014

Hello! I'm a project manager and we're trying to come up with a better way of collaborative story boarding and planning. I'd like to find an online tool for several reasons, but mostly so that there's a constant reference someone can pull up.

I'm looking for something that we can pull in things like planning forms, transcripts, outlines, etc. so while Storyboard That is intriguing, it doesn't really fit the complexity of our needs.

Right now, I'm going to be playing with Realtime Board but I wanted to see if anyone else had any suggestions. I tried searching the forums (using the Google method) and didn't really find any definitive posts.

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Steve Flowers

Hi Rachel, 

I like to think about the planning process on two different levels. The big picture and the details. Realtime Board looks great for big picture planning and you might have good luck attaching details as documents.

For details parts, I've experimented with using a Wiki or Blog for building out details in a collaborative environment. I loved using both of these tools but the learning curve and level of abstraction turns some folks off. Another option is Google Drive / Docs. Setting up folders and leveraging spreadsheets (for inventories), documents, drawings, and presentations in a space where all changes are tracked and folks can see changes in real-time.

Mind reporting back what you find with Realtime Board? 

Suraj Karakulath

I'm interested in this question too. I sometimes work with animators, designers and programmers remotely (they are in another country) and Realtime Board seems like a good way to make sure everyone is on the same page. I wonder if this could even be used for Project Management as a whole - like Trello.

At the moment I use simple Powerpoint with instructions in the form of notes and comments and arrows and shapes for highlighting instructions for the different members in the team (it can get really confusing in the later stages of the project due to multiple updates and versions). One drawback though in my case is after I storyboard and have to submit to the SME's for review, the best option is Microsoft Powerpoint since they dont have access to other complicated software, nor am I encouraged to ask them to test out new online tools. 

It would be good to have a single platform or board for communicating between the design team, the programmers AND the SMEs - or maybe that's stretching it too far - maybe that's what we Instructional Designers are here to manually do

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