Communicating Animate score to Storyline

Apr 09, 2024

Hi everybody,

I've made this game with Adobe Animate HTML 5 Canvas that I want to upload to my LMS (Gyrus). I tried uploading it directly to the LMS as a SCORM package but while it works, it doesn't track the user's score and is therefore always marked as "incomplete" on the LMS. I've been losing my mind trying to figure out how to get my stuff to communicate with the LMS directly, so I thought maybe it will be easier to have one of Articulate's apps act as a bridge. I saw that you can upload Animate content into Sotryline using a Web Object. Is there also a way another app better suited for my goals, let me know. 

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Alex Milyaev

I'm not familiar with Adobe Animate. But I think that for your task, you do not need Storyline. If you insert your project into Storyline as a web object, you will need to transfer information from that web object to Storyline about the course completion. Storyline will receive this information and relay the data to the LMS. However, if using Adobe Animate you have the ability to pass data to Storyline, then you should be able to transmit them directly to the LMS as well.