Course completion bar and final testing

Hello hereos :-)

I'm on the verge of purchasing SL but have a few questions. I am in the teaching industry and our stakeholders are 10-66 year olds. 

1. Is there a way of creating a course completion bar? Like a percentage bar?

2. Does SL support most major LMS as far as the courses are Scorm?

3. In quizz making, can drag and drop be used for titles in various paragraphs? Example here. (

4. Is SL recommended for courses which can then be merchandised?




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Jason Reed

Hi Robert,

The short answer to all of your questions is YES! But to offer more detail:

1. Completion/percentage/progress bars are very possible in Storyline, but you'll need to adjust them manually. I always adjust them last after the content is final and you know how long your course will be. Take a look here for some inspiration.

2. SL will publish SCORM 1.2 or 2004 compliant modules that will work with the majority of LMS's.

3. The drag and drop functionality is quite versatile and can be applied to just about any application. Dragging titles to match paragraphs would definitely work. Here are some examples of what people have done with this in the past.

4. Storyline is appropriate to build courses that can then be merchandised. You'll just need to find the right outlet to sell them through. Here is an example of that from the company I work for: White Card Course

I hope this helps,