Course with audio - what tools and strategies do you use?

Our company uses adobe connect to do live class recording and publish it to the LMS. The quality of the recording is not very good, but we use it as that is the only tool available. Do you guys have the same challenges, what is your workaround?

Adobe connect does not let me download the recorded file, otherwise I would have downloaded then and broken them into smaller video clips and inserted within storyline and added a few interaction, assessments etc, but it just give s a link to the recording.

Also, our clients are all over the world, what other tools can be used which gives more flexibility and better audio quality?

For the courses that does not have a live audience, I am going to try importing the powerpoint into storyline 2 and record audio using storyline 2 for each slide.

1. How should I prepare for this approach?

2. How can I make SME more comfortable during recording.

3. any standard practice that you guys use to do it this way for your course recording.

I am thinking of just recording each slide and play it back to the SME if ok then saving and moving to the next slide.

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Ulises Musseb

I know nothing about Adobe connect. I normally edit and optimize the audio after recording it and never use live on-the-spot- audio recording for courses because it's never perfect. Adobe has Audition to edit and optimize audio. I use Audacity.

After editing and optimizing the audio, I manually insert it into the slides.

Bob S

Hi Tin,

If you are not offering a webinar, Adobe Connect may not be the best tool to use to capture narration. Or am I misunderstanding?

You might want to consider recording directly into your authoring tool for convenience sake. Or or even more power/options, you could record into a dedicated audio tool such as Audacity, etc. Either of those choices would allow you to edit, correct, and update your narration as needed.

And yes, you can take the small clips and sync them to the slides.  Your authoring tool does this automatically, or it can be down manually if you record outboard.

Hope that helps?