Creating a "confirmation" pop-up

Hello 360 users. I  have a requirement to prompt the user to confirm that s/he is still awake while watching a long video. Imagine popping a confirmation message every 10 minutes that asks, "You there and watching?" to which the user must select a checkbox or button. 

Currently, I'm testing this by adding a text box that triggers a light box. However, I want the text box to disappear after the click and I'm having an issue assigning two actions to the same button. I tried to add the second action of "hide the button" after user click (presumably you would click the text box, see the light box message, then come back and the video would resume playing but the button would go away until it pops again 10 minutes later).

Thoughts on an approach? I know this is similar in genus/species to a lot of button state questions but I also know many of you may have the exact same compliance-type design needs and would love the feedback.

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Anne Seller

Hi Eric,

It sounds like you want to have buttons, including the text, appear and disappear at specified timepoints throughout the video. (You can give each button two states: normal size and a larger size (which might eliminate the need for a lightbox slide). Then you set up the triggers to change the states of the buttons, as needed.

Perhaps this example from David Anderson on how to create an interactive video will give you some more ideas:

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, just let us know!


Joe Waddington

Is it possible to naturally cut up the video into topic areas? Then put each segment into a slide, which the user would have to click next to get to. For example - Next up: Underwater Basket Weaving tips. Click the continue button. That way it feels more like a progression, and less like a "gotcha" or babysitting the learner.

Garth Yorko, T.E.

Use a lightbox slide as your confirmation.  Use cue points on the timeline as triggers to show the lightbox.  The lightboxes pause the timeline.

Or you could use layers, triggered by cue points on the timeline.  Set up the layers to pause the timeline.  

I have attached sample a sample file with both options.  Personally, I prefer the layers.