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Apr 13, 2016

Hi everyone.  I've trawled the boards trying to find an answer to this, but not seen anything similar.  I know how to change the text label on a button in the feedback slide master, my issue is I can't format the default button in terms of colour, etc.  If I delete the default one and insert a new button, and I can format it and it behaves like a normal button.

When I preview a quiz slide however, the last position of the default button is where the text label and trigger appear.  The button is gone from the master slide, I've tried selecting the area to see if anything highlights, there is nothing there, but it appears on the quiz feedback preview.

I've included some screen shots of what I am talking about.  For now because I have to get a project complete I have downloaded a source file from here and imported my project, changed all the feedback layouts on my question bank questions and deleted the slidemaster that came across.  But in future if I want to get creative with my feedback slides, I'd like to know what is going on.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Stacey LH

It is the default button that comes up on the feedback slide master to continue from there onto the next quiz, not any of the player buttons.  On my document it is supposed to be the orange button that I inserted, but the text label "Next Question" and the trigger appear in the spot that the default was when I deleted it.

Stacey LH

I think I might have worked out what is going on - there's something wrong with this file save. I just borrowed a laptop with Storyline loaded on it, tried to recreate my issue in a new .story file and couldn't, and was able to format the button that would not change in this file.  

Then I opened my file from a stick and was back to the same problem.  It was very odd and frustrating, but thank you for looking at it.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Stacey

Glad you're all sorted

It's recommended that you work on SL projects from your local drive and not from a network drive, usb, external drive as it can cause issues.  All assets (images, video, audio) should also be stored locally and all published from your local drive.

Here is some info to explain more about it

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