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Aug 27, 2012

Hello all:

I'm hoping to get some input from the community regarding methods for deploying content to mobile learners.

I work for a large company and we have deployed iPads to a sizeable portion of the work force. Our LMS does not currently support mobile delivery (and it may be a while until it does). So, figuring out a way to easily get content (aka, Storyline output) to them is the challenge we are struggling with at the moment.

We can't get a second LMS, and it would not be efficient or scalable to use a web server. In essence we need a mobile content management solution that enables us to push content, organize it, and allow users access (online and offline).

Anyone in the same boat? What solutions have you found?

Thanks for your help.


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Ed Finn


We use a Sakai environment and it does not currently provide SCORM to us or mobile delivery.  However, we have gotten around this by publishing to web in a folder on a project site.  We allow users to access this site after authenticating.  It allows us to make the presentation available in all mobile formats and works with the Articulate Player App so that they can download it for offline viewing.  I don't know what platform you are currently using, but you should have something similar.  This allows you to not have to go outside the LMS, but to still use it as storage.  I hope this helps.



Holly MacDonald

Chad, have you looked at - I believe this is a way that is being developed to address your exact challenge. Articulate has enabled this for storyline.  You should check this out. There are people on this forum who could probably give you a bunch of information (I'm not techie enough to get into mechanics)...

Hope that helps,


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