Dial Calendar Interaction

Jul 24, 2020

I've built a dial-based calendar that's going to be a part of a larger project, but thought some of you might find the interaction useful:

It's built with the needle dial, that opens a layer for each month when the needle is dragged to point at the month. It also has triggers so the needle moves if you tap any of the months. If the needle stops on any of the lines, nothing happens.

On the layers, the text on the base layer is hidden so they don't interfere with any content you add there. The lines are on the slide master so they didn't clutter the slide.

In our version, I replaced the pin on the dial with our logo, that conveniently happens to be circular.

Although this a based on the calendar, I imagine it would work just as well with a clock-face, or any circular graphic in the background (I'm now thinking of pizza slices...)

It's built in Storyline360

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