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Feb 26, 2020

Hello Community

I'm using SL 3 and would like to have the Next button only appear once a video has finished running.  I can take away the jump to next slide when user clicks on the Next button trigger, but the button will still be visible.  How can I get around this, as well as somehow make the Next button highlight once the video has ended so that the user is prompted to click on it?

I have attached a screen shot of my existing triggers for reference.

Thank you!


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Judy Nollet

The 2nd and 4th triggers shown in your document would both make the slide automatically advance to the next slide after the video finishes/timeline ends.  So if you want to give the user the choice of whether to advance (click Next) or stay on the slide a while longer (e.g., to perhaps repeat the video), you'll first have to remove those triggers.

As for controlling the Next button: To make it disappear, add a trigger to change the state of the Next button to Hidden when the timeline starts. However, be aware that, if the Next button is Hidden, the Previous button will move over to the left, which can confuse users. So I suggest you change the state of the Next button to Disabled. That will keep it in its place, but dim it a bit. And it won't be clickable.

Then add a trigger to change the state of the Next button to Normal when the timeline ends or a trigger to do that when the media completes.

  • The button will switch from being dimmed to its normal look, which is typically enough to call attention to it. However, if you want to emphasize it, you could have text and/or a shape that points to the Next button appear when the timeline ends.

BTW, if you want to keep the Next button enabled if the user returns to the slide, you'll have to use a variable and a condition.

  • Set up a T/F variable (e.g., "VideoVIewed") with an initial value of False.
  • Add a condition to trigger that disables Next button, so it only does that if the variable is False.
  • Add a trigger to adjust the variable to True when the timeline ends (or when the media completes).
Linda Hummel

Thank you for the detailed instructions, Judy!  The triggers dealing with the Next button worked just fine.

I have been having problems with triggers related to a text box and arrow once the video ends.  I had a trigger for both to be hidden when the timeline begins and then normal when the timeline ends - the text box and arrow did not appear when the video ended when I previewed the story, so I had it normal when the media ends and selected the video as the object to end.  Still neither appeared.  I deleted the triggers for both and tried these methods again.  Same result. 

Restarted my computer and same result.  Deleted and re-added the triggers again and now the video won't even play (when I hit next on the slide before it, it will clock and only the audio can be heard.  I tried the triggers being normal when the timeline reached the # of seconds that the timeline ends, and the video still won't play. 

Saved another version of the SL file with same result.  I deleted the arrow and text box and now the video plays.  Progressively added things back and tested the video - the video is OK until I add the trigger to make the text box hidden when the timeline starts.  I don't know if you've had this issue before or if it's a known bug.

Any help is appreciated.  I have ~ 1,400 users that need to view this video for compliance training and expect a number of them will not see the Next button highlight once the video ends and wonder what to do next.

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