DRaft Guideline

Jul 04, 2011

Does anyone have some guidelines on drafts that they give out to clients, SMEs that they can share?

I have always worked by word of mouth with the general rules being

After delivery of 1st Draft: All content and structure (Except where it is determined by the module map) can be changed.

After delivery of 2nd Draft: Images agreed in draft 1 cannot now be changed, structure agreed in draft 1 cannot be changed. All other content can be changed

After delivery of 3rd draft: Only spelling mistakes, factually incorrect information and obvious missed content

BUt I think I need to be more formal and wondered if anyone had anything they could share


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Kayla Burtch

I wish I had read this earlier.

I just had a client say "I absolutely love this, but the layout looks too much like "X" can you just change that?"

"Um...sure... it will take about 3 weeks..."

I'm still waiting to hear back from them if they want to wait 3 more weeks (This was supposed to launch July 10)

Anyways, now I know better. Get the layout approved IN WRITING much earlier.

Live and learn and all that.

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