Drag & drop challenge

Had someone ask this question about the puzzle piece blog post: 

"Any way of using the drag and drop functionality to enable the user to be able to move pieces together with the final correct piece placement acting as a “correct response?”

I can think of a few ways to do it, but thought it might be interesting to see some of the different approaches the community would take. To make it easy I created a starter story file with four puzzle pieces and matching drop targets.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Michael Hinze

Tom, When I first started with Storyline, I had done a similar puzzle interaction to learn about Storyline's drag-and-drop; see attached file and here is the published version. To provide feedback after all pieces are in place, I simply used one trigger that is fired only when all drag objects are in Drag Correct state. It's not exactly like your challenge file, but it helped me getting used to drag/drop-specific states and may be helpful for someone else too.

Michael Hinze

Hi PJ,

you might want to check out Tom's puzzle piece blog post (see link at the top) where he shows one option to create puzzle pieces using PowerPoint. I myself had applied a PhotoShop Action (kinda like a macro that runs a bunch of editing commands on an image) to my image. It's been quite a while and I can't recall where on the web I had seen this action, but you should be able to find something similar.

Michael Hinze

Thanks Natalie. Here are two other little projects I played around with during my initial 'Storyline learning phase':

1. analogue and digital clock, because I wanted to learn about object custom states, layers, variables, references to variables in text boxes, triggers and javascript

2. a video sample because I wanted to see how video can be integrated into Storyline.

Nothing too exciting I know, but rather than following some canned tutorial, I always try to just build something and learn along the way!

Helen Tyson

Here's an example of the puzzle drag and drop where you need to use the Submit button but I'm sure with a little more work I could get to happen automatically when the last piece drops. I'm thinking a counting variable might help.

Also, if the puzzle was a little bigger so you could put things in the wrong place properly it would be better.