Drawing from Question Banks

I'm new to question bank, and trying to use it as a processor of sorts for a game I'm making in Storyline.

Essentially, the "draw from question" draws a slide at random from the question bank, and then that slide refers back to the "draw from question" slide.

Currently, the "draw from question" slide just gives me the same question over and over. I would like to get a different random one each time.

Is that possible? I've attached the story file to give an idea of what I'm trying to do.



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Todd,

Judging from the file, it looks like you're using SL1. Is that right (not that it makes a huge difference in this case)?

I had a closer look at your file, and it appears that the "questions" in your question bank are actually just normal slides and not questions. I created my own question bank using 5 T/F questions and it seems to work as expected (see scene 2 of attached file). I compared the triggers on your slides vs. my slides, and i think that may be part of the issue. On my slides, the only trigger is a submit interaction trigger.Screenshot 1

On your slide, I see a jump to trigger that leads back to the same draw from the question bank. Did you manually insert that trigger? If so, for what reason?

Screenshot 2

As long as you select Draw questions randomly and include all the questions, this result should be achieved automatically.

Screenshot 3

I have attached my file (which is your original file + an extra scene with a new question bank).

I hope that is helpful, but if not don't hesitate to let me know!