E-Learning Pets: Post photos of your 'co-workers'!

Jan 27, 2015

David and I were tweeting at each other, and he had the great idea to start a thread for us to share photos of our pets. As many of us work from home, these guys may be our only companion on any given workday...You are not crazy. I promise. Maybe share a bit about them too - we all love our pets!

Here are mine:


Alison is eight and extremely solitary - seriously. I have no idea where she goes all day. She's half siamese and has the distinctive meow. She absolutely hates two things: the vet (she's been ONCE!) and wind.

Sophie is the oldest, and the crotchetiest. She's nine and loves chattering at birds and snuggling with Milo. Weighing less than any other living creature in our household, she is the resident defender. Sophie don't play.

Milo is also nine. He's blind in both eyes, but gets around just fine. He is the most reliable cuddler, and makes his way to bed every night as soon as we settle in. Milo loves everything and is afraid of nothing.

Oliver is three. He is a beagle/shepherd mix, has had one toe amputated, and LOVES frisbee more than anything else in the whole wide world. He's terrified of fireworks.


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Kelly Meeker

Oooh, I love your fuzzies, Ashley! Oliver in particular looks like he's ready for anything. 

I just have one furry co-worker, and his name is Porter. He's extremely friendly and curious.

And he's quite intrepid when hungry (texts are from my brother).

And he's a model. 


(A professional photographer friend borrowed him for this shoot).  

P.S. I have been waiting for this discussion for my entire life. 

Nancy Woinoski


  • Riki Tiki Tavi
  • Hud 
  • Maribou Sox

ok so I have 3 cats but I'm not a cat lady honest. We adopted Hud (the black one) from the humane society because we wanted a pet and he had nice eyes. Turns out he is a bit of a nut but a loveable one. The other two are brother and sister. Their mother was a stray and they were born under our porch. The mother had 5 kittens. One day she came up to me rubbed around my legs then went away and came back with all her kittens. I went inside and got Hud's car carrier and the mother herded her kittens into the carrier and then got in herself. So I went from 1 cat to7. Long story short I found homes for all of them but decided to keep the two greys because the are so darn cute.

Ashley Chiasson

Awww - We had two outdoor cats who had kittens (both of them) within weeks of each other on our deck. We built them a little shelter; they co-parented them - it was the cutest thing ever. When the kittens started getting a bit too mobile, we adopted two out and found a foster organization for the others. Then, we had both outdoor cats (who belong to our neighbour) spayed.

Trina Rimmer

Wonderful thread, Ashley! Loving all the furry friends!

My office assistants are both canines (although we love felines, too). Scout (the white & tan pup) is a 3 year old mutt. She's still pretty high energy, very fond of cuddling, tends to worry about us when we're sick or away for an overnight, and has an intense crush on my husband, who mostly just tolerates her. 

Det. Mike Logan (aka Logan) is my elder statesmen at 14 years old.He's a Jack Russell/Pomeranian mix who's fond of naps, walkies, and barking incessantly at the neighbor's lawn crew. He also gets bonus points for letting my 9-year old daughter fasten toy saddles to his back so her dolls can ride him like a horse.

Jennifer Valley


Meet our rescue Daisy!  She's a 1 year old Chihuahua and Rat Terrier. We ended up rescuing her about 6 months ago. She's great with the kids, hates other dogs, loves cuddling, and plays like a cat (pounce, swat, jump around; its hilarious!).  We ended up with an even bigger surprise when she started having puppies one night. Come to find out she came to us pregnant (the dates don't match up and she was never left unattended).


She ended up having two girls and a boy.  All three were later adopted out.  Above is Matilda who went to a coworker of mine.



Meet Lucy! She is our poodle/terrier.  She is an amazing dog!  She was homeless for who knows how long.  My brother found her hiding in shrubs and took care of her for a while before we adopted her. Who knew a dog could be so smart and wonderful?!  She is a great pal! 

Lucy was groomed yesterday and I LOVE HER NEW LOOK! My significant other is opposed to her new cut but I think it's fabulous!

Ashley Chiasson

It's such a good thing to do; there are so many strays out there. Aside from controlling the pet population in our neighbourhood, I was also annoyed that our neighbours hadn't had their cats spayed, because in the 2.5 years we lived there (before spaying them), we saw one of the cats have three litters (she hid two of them before we built the shelter) and the other have one litter...I can only imagine the toll that takes on the animal's body...sheesh!

Kevin Thorn

This has hit my soft spot. We so want to be foster parents but my girls are off the chart when it comes to allergies. Not many hypoallergenic dogs and cats that need foster homes, though.

And then there's "Eddie the Scavenger". He's an American Hairless Terrier bred from the Rat Terrier line. Completely Nekked. No hair = no dander = no allergy problems. But with no hair means he's in sweaters and sweatshirts during the winter and sun screen in the summer. 

The irony is he has more allergies than both my girls combined. Even has his own doggy dermatologist!

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