Edutainment... My compliance traing is boring

Nov 13, 2023

I'm building a lot of safety compliance training at the moment, and it's boring. I'm struggling to turn my courses into something fun because the topics are so dry... "you must do this, you must do that, wear your PPE". I also know a lot of my learners are just clicking through it... I'm also limited to rise because most of my learners are on mobile phones and I haven't got time to build big storyline courses.

Would love to see examples from others or hear some ideas.

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Marc Cuypers

Hey Esther,

perhaps the inclusion of animated videos might keep your learners' interest up. In my circles, self-created videos using mysimpleshow have been popular in recent years. They are easy to make, have an appeasing style to them and you can get an unlimited, watermarked, limited features trial version for free. 



Soren J Birch

What Math says. Make interaction meaningful rather than fancy ways to get more content you do not care about.


The Short Sims method by Clark Aldrich comes to mind as a way to work with compliance training, which is in its essence, just about following a process. 

Probably not all processes warrant a simulation, but some of those are critical in the sense that one omission or mistake would lead to higher costs or significant delays.