eLearning Challenges: Am I the only one?

Mar 25, 2021


I've been interested in ID since my days as a college instructor and now I'm finally in my first year as an eLearning Manager. I love the Articulate training, articles, and the community and I've learned a lot in such a short time. However, I am terrified to tackle the eLearning challenges! I get so overwhelmed at the thought that I slowly back away from my computer whenever I think about trying one. 

Has anyone dealt with and overcome this? What was your first challenge like?



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Urbano Delgado

Disclaimer: I don't use Storyline.

When I began sharing my work (digital and transmedia storytelling) I started with subject matter I was quite comfortable with. Mostly this involved flying drones into bridges or getting the lighting wrong during a golden hour (the hour before and after dawn or sunset) flight. 

I began by sharing my objective: What was the scene I planned on capturing? before moving on to figuring out where i could go to achieve it using the tools I had available and with the skills I possess. You can check out my Instagram channel for #showyourwork examples on drone photography.

From there it was an easy jump to sharing my work on social media and the occasional EdCamp or CUE event.

How we share our work shouldn't depend on the platform or toolset. Anyway, my two cents. Good luck!