Escape the Office - a Storyline2 game

May 08, 2017

Hi All

Not so long ago I went on a hen weekend and did an Escape the Room game – it was loads of fun, but it got me thinking – could I not build something like this in Storyline?

I wanted to look at compiling a load of different elements in to one course to show the world what we here at Willow DNA are capable of with tools like Storyline2. I think that sometimes people get stuck on what they have seen in the past and the same old elearning routines.

We decided to make something totally fun and not focused on compliance or health and safety but on what is possible within Storyline so that we can show clients something totally different – and then talk to them about how the different elements could be applied to their learning.

For the next three weeks we have a competition running for Learning At Work Week (15th – 19th May) in which you can win a £50 Amazon voucher for completing the fastest time – Ts and Cs apply and only UK residents over 18 can enter – but anyone can have a go at playing the game.

Elearning heroes is a great resource and I certainly couldn’t have built it without you guys. I have used some great downloads and tutorials from here: Exporting values – Kate Robertson, Javascript Timer – Christopher Krieger and used Dave Mozealous’ Better Calculator as a guide to building the phone.

Here is the link to see the game:


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Heather Willis

Hi Lizzie - I took your general Escape Room premise and have been working on coming up with a quiz version for our Sales Staff  for Q4. It needs a lot of work yet: Graphics need to be updated, the wrong answer needs to reset the question, I need to put a clock/timer in and the game ending with code unlock and either a pass or fail. Pass, you end up at Happy Hour....Fail, the boss lets you out at midnight with applicable animation. Here is the tempshare link to take a look:

I will be continuing to update the above mentioned items this week but would love feedback.

Heather Willis

Thank you, Owen. 

Here is an updated Demo. I fixed the graphics and a couple other issues. I will have an even more updated one later tonight but wanted to share because this one is much cleaner than the last. 


You may have to click on some areas more than once to drill down further to find the key.
When you find the key, select it.
The answer to all the questions is: demo kit.

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