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Sep 14, 2018

Hello everyone, 

Does any of you have any suggestions to make what we are looking for happen? 

We are working on a 10-module course of topics for the trainers to deliver. There is a generic flow of the modules however they are not in a strict order. We plan to have pre-class quizzes and a final exam for the course. We have prepared questions for all 10 modules 

We really want the trainers to customize the quizzes and the final exam based on the real class situation. 

Scenario 1: The trainer is delivering module 5 after module 1 and 2. At the beginning of module 5, he can choose 50% from module 1 question pool and 50% from module 2 question pool and then deploy the quiz. 

Scenario 2: It is time for the final exam, the trainer knows that the whole class is not very good with module 5 and 8, so he or she is going to increase the percentage of the questions from this two question pool and then deploy the exam. 

Hopefully, I explained it clearly and is that possible? with Storyline? or any other tools? 


Thank you! 

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