Explaining SCORM to Senior Managers

Hello all, I have a meeting tomorrow where I have to explain to a group of senior managers why e-learning content can only pass one assessment result to the LMS for tracking.

Of course the user can re-launch the course from the LMS and re-take the course and assessment which will then be tracked as individual attempts and/or we could allow multiple attempts at a quiz within the content using re-try quiz options.

What I'm being asked for is to allow multiple attempts at a quiz within one launch instance from the LMS and track each individual attempt... I assume this is not possible (using SCORM 1.2 and Saba Enterprise LMS).

Any ideas on how to explain this during my meeting?

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Bob S


This is another reason I sometimes recommend removing the quiz portion from the course itself and instead use the LMS's outboard quizzing tool.  Not as pretty or interactive, but if they need attempt and question level visibility, that is a sure way to get it.

That being said.... many LMS's today will keep track of individual attempts at the course overall score. But that is typically overall course launch driven. And of course TinCan offers more options for those LMS's that support it.