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Apr 22, 2015


I'm updating an existing course in Storyline 1 and have a problem I can't fix. It has to do with the in-built Correct/Incorrect feedback that appears on the bottom of the screen when you review your quiz questions.

On one of the question, even if the question is answered and scored correctly, when I review the quiz the red Incorrect banner is shown.

How can I get this to show Correct?

I did not build the course and can't figure how this is happening.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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Garry Gent

Hi Trina,

Thanks for the reply. Attached is a copy of the Quiz.

The problem is Question 8. When I review the quiz this question is always shown as incorrect, even though I answer it correctly. If the question is answered correctly, it is correctly scored.


If you are able to find why this happens, I'll be grateful. 

Quiz requirements:

  • 80% pass
  • Ability to review
  • Ability to reattempt only the incorrect questions
  • Option to print a certificate (this part is fine)

This is a complex build. Two additional  questions:

1. Is there an easier way to build this type of quiz?

2. Can you point me towards any tutorials/You-tube videos you may have on this type of build?

Thanks for your help. Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards



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