Flash to SCORM conversion

Mar 17, 2015

How could i convert (wrap / package) an elearning course created in Flash to be SCORM 1.2 / 2004 compliant so that it can be uploaded to an LMS (http://bit.ly/1ARwfR5) for tracking user progress? 

I don't need it to be redone in Storyline or any other rapid authoring tool.I do not need any modifications to the actual courses or content in any way. They only need SCORM wrapping and make sure the courses can talk to the LMS to track user progress and the quiz score.

It was built using a Flash template.Course files are various SWF and XML files etc.There is a small quiz at the end of each course, and the score results need to be sent to the LMS (as a score out of ten).

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Steve Flowers

Unless you're wanting to use something like iSpring, Snap, or Storyline, you're going to be stuck with hand wrapping your API. One of the cleanest I've found is the Pipwerks wrapper. It's pretty straight forward setting up the communication protocols in the wrapper. Once that's done, you just need to update your manifest.


Phil offers several versions of the wrapper including some with ActionScript classes for two way communication. If all you need is completion for launch, using the JavaScript wrapper should do the trick. If you're looking at waiting until your Flash-based course is finished, you'll really need to dig into what the current course is using to communicate with the browser. If it's NOT communicating with the browser, you're going to have a tough time getting the course to talk to the LMS API. Then you have considerations for restoring progress, etc.. 

It's not straight forward in most cases. No easy way out of converting legacy content to new packaging and protocols:) Doable and usually not a tough thing to do but it does require the developer to have a handle on both the legacy package construction and the target packaging specification.

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