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Jan 12, 2018

Hi All

So I've been having a go at creating some very basic, flat animation videos as a more engaging way to introduce eLearning courses.

Would love some feedback as I'm very new to eLearning and Articulate. This is the start of only the fourth course I've ever made so no doubt there are better ways to create the same effects or smoother ones.

Any feedback would be a big help as like I said, very new to eLearning. Give me the good, bad and the ugly :)

Thanks in advance.



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Joe Dey

Hi Phil

Great video! I like the imagination and it certainly kept me interested. You have used the player seekbar which gives the learner some control over the video.  You might want to think about designing your own controls using buttons, triggers and layers.  This would give greater flexibility in how the learner engages with it.  I note you have placed all of your objects onto the base layer and have not used any further layers.  Doing so could make it easier for you to build your course and could make it easier for you to reuse content by revisiting a layer as needed (you may need to set some variables in this case).  As it is it works but editing it in a few weeks when your focus has moved onto the remainder of the course may be challenging as you may need to 'remind' yourself how you put it together let alone unpick all the objects.  

Hope this helps and good luck.

Kevin Thorn

Hi Phil, 

Great job with the transitions. My favorite part was the piggy bank!

The output does have a sense of split attention trying to read the captions and watch the animation. In fact, my eyes were more focused on the animation and missed reading several captions.

These explainer videos are best when there's audio narration as opposed to text where you're competing for my attention in two places. Note that I understand if your org doesn't require or support audio, but something to consider.

As Joe mentioned, the development process is you and your skill level as you progress working with Storyline. The more projects you build, the more you'll begin to leverage layers and more. 

The creativity in blending images and animated transitions are great!


Phil Lord

Hey Joe, Thanks for the feedback. I was trying to play around with creating my own play buttons and player but think that got the better of me this time. Mainly the bespoke seek bar.

I initially tried using different layers as it was definitely easier to create, however the audio/ music didn't seem to like playing when the layer changed. Not sure if I just did something strange as I thought with it being on the base layer it would just keep playing as long as I kept it there. Thanks again for the feedback really appreciate it.

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