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James Brown

Those are really cool; nice job. You've stumbled on to a very old photo technique that I use to use all the time when I took pictures.  On the old style SLR cameras, This effect is accomplished with a fast shutter speed and a low aperture. We all know light travels at a certain speed. When you use a fast shutter speed with a low aperture, the closer image is in focus where the background is not because the light from the background has a longer distance to travel thus causing the blurred effect.  I like this technique because the focus of the viewer is then on what's in focus.Now I'm starting to see this same technique accomplished with software and the new Camtasia 8 studio does allow you to do this and I was really impressed with it. Here's a link if you want to check it out. You should see what happens when you you have a high aperture with a slow shutter speed on water. The effects are amazing.