Gamification - Who else is building such great projects?

Oct 12, 2015

Hi all,

I wanted to see who else is working on some great "Gamification" and "Game-themed" projects out there and any challenges you have faced, both graphically and development-wise. Attached are still shots of examples I have worked on. I personally use, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Storyline (2 coming later this week) to develop.

Looking forward to seeing what others are doing.

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Amar Kulshreshtha

Nice Work Brian,

Here's something I created over 1 month ago in Storyline 2.  This CAR RACING Game has three levels. The user has to cross each level by saving his car from colliding with other vehicles. The user can collect coins to increase his score. Right now, each level has unlimited attempts.

This game is iPad and desktop compatible.

Here is Demo Link:

Banner Car Racing Game

Darren Heath

Hi Brian

I had a quiet afternoon a few weeks ago and decided to create a demo that took the gameplay and features of an old console platform type game and create something  'e-learning-ish' from it.

Since then I have been asked by some little people (9-11 year olds) to make it into a 'proper game' as they described it.
So, in my spare time I decided to take on the task and have planned to make it into a 7 section, 21 level e-learning game. Currently I have the first 2½ levels in, which are just an introductory set of levels getting the user accustomed to the function of jumping.  Once they have completed these 3 levels they'll get onto the nitty gritty and after performing an action of a jump/catch they will have a question to answer.

A correct answer will net them 10 rings, a wrong answer will lose them 10 rings. Ive started compiling question banks and each world/level will have a specific quiz category (maths, english, science etc). A level multiplyer is in place so you get bigger bonuses for the longer sequences of correct answers you get.

Only once I started developing this I realised exactly how much work will be involved in getting this fully up and running! What I have so far is here and once finished I will post to the forums (whenever that may be!!)

* if playing the current published output the game stops mid-way through level 1.3 and Sonic just runs and runs so just quit out once no more objects appear.*

Amar Kulshreshtha

Hi Brian,

Collision between two cars is the key feature of this game. Here, I have used the timeline reaches option.

I have taken three different instances (left, right, and center) of the Taxi. Say suppose if the left and the right taxi are hidden and the moving car approaches the taxi in the center (timeline reaches 3 seconds), then collision occurs. But, if either the left or right car is enabled, then collision will not occur.

Ryan DeWitt

Brian, In this game like project I posted earlier this year, I built a PHP leaderboard that works with Wordpress taking variables from storyline using js.

The goal was to get the highest points after reviewing videos and taking knowledge checks.

Client NC Stae, Raleigh NC

Paul Penichet

We created for PepsiCo 2013 - 2014 a gamification project who promote their companies to interact between them and learn to work by proccesses.

Ita was an implementation for 300-500 people divided into teams of 5 every time the game started.
It had to be played daily and with and divided into two phases (2 weeks and 3 weeks) 5 weeks total, each team member had to keep working his station and some days to watch and respond some learning capsules so they can continue playing.

We developed it with Flash+PHP+3D max+Photoshop and Hand Illustrations
Some stored Procedures at the server sent daily status, ranking and info to everyone playing and a global status to their boses.
We developed some applications so the bosses and HR can see and filter results on how everyone goes.

The support was 24/7, and the development team also played as ghost team to test and ensure everyday the game was running as expected.

Our project results:
- 84% finished the 5 week training
- 9.3 over 10 ranked from players as engaged and fun
- +3,500 people trained over 2 years
- Learners increase knowledge from 5.4 to 8.2
- 10 times seting up the game

Development team:
- 2 Instructional Designers
- 2 Designers
- 4 Programmers
- 2 Animators

Development time:
6 months / 1rst test
2 months / tests, beta team, and bugs correction

Brian E.W. McNulty

Hi Tristan, currently I use to build my graphics, video and more intense animation for gamification: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Blender 3D and/or Lightwave 3D, Premiere Pro, and Audition. I do use Articulate Storyline 2 for some graphics, but for more "stylized" designs I will build them as vectors or raster images and import them.

Do you know any of these additional apps? Illustrator is also great at building stylized 3D objects you can use; such as game pieces (dice, tokens, race car, top hat, etc.)

You can always modify a stock image you find, but be careful it isn't copyrighted and is for non-commercial use only.

Next year my book will be coming out on Gamification design using AS2 and all of the above apps mentioned. If you have any questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Always willing to help.

Zsolt Olah

These look fantastic, Brian! We use Construct 2 game engine to add game mechanics to Storyline. For example, Construct 2 has built-in physics. We used that for a game, where learners select the correct answer (answers are in different shapes). If they are correct, the shapes disappear. If not, they stay and they stack up. It's like a Candy Crush meets Tetris meets Stack the States :)

Another example is a negotiation game, where learners practice a set of negotiation steps and need to hire different level of applicants. We used Construct 2 as an artificial intelligence engine to create the pool of candidates (the game engine has a great feature of "families", where you can add behaviors to multiple characters who belong to the same family). 

The games are wrapped in Storyline via webobjects and communicate via JavaScript.

But here's two that only uses Storyline:

Work out loud project (not finished but the patters are there):

A simple Rock-Paper-Scissors game with a twist.


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