Generic storyboard for practicing Storyline?

Hi all, I've used Articulate Studio in the past at a previous job but now want to teach myself Storyline now that I'm freelancing as a graphic designer.

my question is, is there a resource where I can download a "dummy" course storyboard that I can follow along with and build? 

I want to be able to post the final result on my portfolio site, so I obviously can't use the storyboard content of my clients or past work.

thanks in advance for your help!


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David Anderson

Hey John -

You could download the storyboard we use in our Building Better Course series. The series was written for Studio '09 but includes a full storyboard you could use for Storyline. In some cases the storyboard calls for Engage and Quizmaker interactions, but you could use the content to build your project in Storyline. 

For ongoing practice and portfolio building, our weekly e-learning challenges may better suit your needs. We post a new challenge every Friday, but previous challenges are always open and just as active as the current challenge. The projects are short and designed to help designers build their portfolios while learning from one another.


David Anderson

Right on!

Another thing you can do to practice your tech skills is to rebuild existing projects. Since the content is already in place, you can focus on recreating what you see.

A good place to find examples would be our Storyline showcase page and Elearning Examples.

Good luck and always feel free to ask questions here.