Getting past seekbar restrictions

Hi! I have a story that I'm trying to fine tune as far as the player and navigation settings are concerned. I'd really like to have the seekbar as read-only so a learner knows how long they have to stay on a slide before my next button works (next button will only work when the timeline of the slide is complete). Definitely don't want them to be able to skip ahead and miss audio.

The main issue I'm running into is that many of my slides have activities (drag and drop, fill in the blank, etc.) so the setting on those slides is "resume saved state" when revisiting, which means the rewind/replay button on my slider doesn't work on those! How can I get around that, any better navigation ideas or seekbar replacement options? I'm attaching a scene from my story for reference.  

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Mohammad  Hassam

Hi Molly,

I don't think there is a need of seek bar as long as your next button will work when the slide is complete.

I am not able to access the file, give me some error when I download the file? Can you please re-upload the file again or send me via email?

What is the ideal scenario? Would you like the rewind and reply button to be working when a learner revisit your content?


Holly Cain

The ideal scenario is that the rewind and replay button work when the learner revisits and if they are revisiting a slide with an activity (drag and drop, fill in the blank, etc.) that they don't have to redo the activity when they get ready to move forward again. 

I've also emailed the story to you.

Mohammad  Hassam

Thanks for sharing the file. Here is what you going to do:

  1. Click on "Player" menu button
  2. A player window will open and then click on "Other" menu button.
  3. Under Resume section, uncheck the "when running in LMS, ignore flash cookie" option.
  4. Click "Ok" and publish your course.

Let me know if it helps :)



Holly Cain

Hi Mohammad - Unfortunately that didn't work. On the slides where I have the option checked to resume saved state, the rewind/replay button still doesn't work on the seekbar. I'm going to forget about the seekbar and do things a little differently. I'm officially over the seekbar struggle! Thanks for taking a stab at it with me!

Mohammad  Hassam

No problem. One suggestion, Instead of replay. Try clicking on Back button to see the saved answers because the Reply button will only restart the running the slide. If Back button is not working then there is an issue with the version. Meanwhile, I am sending you package file where the back button works pretty well.

Have a wonderful day.

Holly Cain

I still don't see it working on all the slides. Some slides, it works because I don't have the option checked to resume saved states, but on all the slides where I have it set to resume saved state when revisiting, the replay button doesn't work. Examples of slides that don't work: Manage-up Forecast, Respectful & Supportive interactions (with the fill in the blank),

Katie Riggio

Hey there! Circling back to this conversation to let you know that update 21 for Storyline 360 is here! What's inside?

Please welcome the Conditional Seekbar in the Modern Player! You can use this new feature to prevent learners from skipping ahead until they've completed a slide. The seekbar is locked the first time learners view the slide. After that, they can drag the seekbar back and forth.

Plus many more goodies; check out all the new features and fixes here! 🎁

Here's how to update Storyline 360 to see everything the latest release has to offer. Be sure to let us know what you think!