Glide Apps in Rise or StoryLine

Jun 24, 2020

Calling on my Articulate community and all L&D Gliders (or future gliders), I need your help.
I would love to be able to embed Glide Apps into a Rise or StoryLine course. I think it has great potential. Currently, Glide supports a web view but one that does not support display through an iFrame. This is kind of important to use Glide with Articulate. Iframes are the key. "Embed" is a current feature request with the Glide developers but it does not yet have enough votes to prioritize it.

Do me a favor?

1) Go to the Glide "Feature Request App".
2) Search for "Embed"
3) Select "Embed Glide Apps on Websites"
4) Vote for the feature. Use training development or something similar as a use case.

Link to app:

Let's rock the vote! Thank you in advance for your support.

#Glide #MobileApps #MobileLearning

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