Google Charts / Web Object Issue

Oct 05, 2017

The best way I could describe the issue was by video (see below) but here is the synopsis:

I want to use the google charts functionality in a StoryLine file so I created an html file to:

  1. get variables from StoryLine and 
  2. draw the chart calling on googles charting JavaScript.

I added the file as a web-object in my SL file, published it, and loaded it to our LMS for testing.

The chart displays fine but only IF I haven't changed the values from the default values stored in the variables. If I change the values (which is what I want users to be able to do), the chart reloads incorrectly. If I then refresh the page and, in doing so, tell StoryLine to resume where I left off, the chart reloads with the new values. I can't determine the timing or triggering work around that I need to adjust for this. 

Any suggestions?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Owen,

Have you tried added a trigger to the slide with the web object on it to "jump to" that same slide when the timeline starts? That would basically force that slide to reload as soon as you arrive on it. That may not work, but it's just an idea! (By the way, I love this idea! Super creative). Let me know if that works.


That was one of the first things I tried. I also tried loading a blank html index page and using that as my web object and then executing javascript on the graph page to find the iframe content and replace it with a new html page that had the graph coding. It still pulled the old data. 
I think the solution will need to be finding a way to update the data in the table after it is published and executing a command for google to redraw the chart. 

Dave Goodman

I am with Allison - this is outside  my knowledge base. Are you confident that it is not a web/browser, caching, pop-up issue rather than focusing on the code side? I reloaded the course in IE (works as you stated); Chrome gave me worse problems; Firefox was also good. I changed the variables and cleared cache before selecting Next. When I came to the Google graphs, it illustrated the new values immediately - no resume screen. There are a few "auto resume" articles in the archives if they have any value. Sorry that I could not progress the solution further.

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