Grading an accessible drag and drop. Is it possible?

I recently figured out how to make a drag and drop question accessible. (great tutorial here: However it is not possible to use it as a graded question. It's similar to a matching but each drop area has two correct answers. So it's accessible and looks exactly like a regular drag and drop question with the ability to try again once,(from Alexia Arroyo comment here:  and with correct and incorrect feedback.

Originally, I was going to give users a quiz score at the end of the lesson, but now it's all wonky. I have three questions, but only two count for grading, since the accessible drag/drop isn't counted/graded. Is there a way to manually add this function, so I  can have my quiz score work and include the non-graded question?

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Kate! Thank you for posting your question here. Have you tried using the Convert to Freeform—Drag and Drop option? Selecting this option will automatically create a trigger on the slide to submit the drag and drop interaction so the results display on your Results slide. Here's a screenshot of where to find it.

Hope that helps!