Have module appear for only one group of course participants

Mar 24, 2021

Hi all,

I'm building a course for all employees, and the team wants an additional module for managers and supervisors only. I don't believe it's "top secret" information, so I could just ask them if they are a manager/supervisor and then show them the module if they say yes.

However, I think it's possible to pull the course participant's status as a supervisor/manager from the LMS (we do have it in there) and then just show them what they need. Does anyone know how to do this? Do I use JavaScript to make the call, and if yes, would anyone be willing to share the Javascript (pointing out where I need to insert our specific data)? I'm afraid I'm a relative newbie to JavaScript.

As an additional question, we will probably have a test at the end that participants would need to pass in order to have the course marked "complete" in the LMS. However, if I were building a course that did not have a test, I would probably mark the course complete once the participant has viewed X number of slides. I can always use a "complete course" button, but that tends to be a little tricky as many won't actually click the button, but will just close the browser. Is there any way to set it so that the course is marked complete after you have viewed X number of slides, unless you are a supervisor/manager and then the course is complete after you've viewed Y number of slides?

Thank you!

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Kristin Hatcher

Thank you Matthew, however this won't work for my scenario. We already have the groups defined in the LMS. The trick is, we have ONE course, and we want to show the whole course to one group, and only part of the same course to the other group. 

So image one course with, say, four modules. Everyone sees 3 of those modules, and managers see the 4th module. 

Since there is only 1 course (one learning object) from the LMS point of view, then I can't assign different groups to different courses. 

I could post the modules separately, but I am wondering if there is a way to keep it all as one course and show only part of a course to one group? There may not be a way, but I thought I'd ask. 

Michael Walsh-Anderson

I am working on something exactly like that. For me it's 'trainer' mode. Which will allow my sups/ trainers to access the exact same course but with answers/ special sections etc.. I have been toying around with two ideas: 

1. Trainer/Supervisor button/checkbox on top right/left of intro slide. If selected then activate hidden Hotspot on slide 2 that must be selected to change/ unlock special area/content. Only training staff/ Supervisor would be aware of the 'hidden' slide 2 Hotspot.  This solves any random person gaining access by selecting the trainer button or checkbox.

2. The other idea can be the next step after above or stand alone but basically have an input box come up either after Hotspot or a button and use it as a password box.  If the text entry is correct then you can change the layers or scenes from hidden to showing or a button/ button set that's no longer hidden to directly go to special content/ area. 

Hopefully this helps as it seems you need to be able to control access to groups of peeps from within your course.

Kristin Hatcher

Hi Michael,

Thank you! I may ultimately just have a button that says "click here if you are a manager," and if someone clicks it they see the additional content. I'd be relying on the fact that no one wants a course to be longer.

I just thought there might be a fancy call from Articulate to the LMS that allowed me to restrict access based on role.

Sarah Hodge

Hi Kristin! I believe this is possible using branching and some of the new quiz tracking features in Storyline 360. Allison wrote this wonderful article which includes some helpful examples. The tracking options allow you to check any of the boxes and the first selected option the learner completes gets reported to the LMS. 

Kristin Hatcher

That's a great article, thank you Sarah! Unfortunately I'm still on a very old version of Storyline due to a known bug affecting the way Storyline interacts with JAWS. Since it is a requirement of Federal law that my courses are 508 compliant (I work for the Federal Govt), and because most of our visually impaired employees use Jaws, I am not able to upgrade and make use of the new features in the last year. Yes, it's been more than a year since I could upgrade. Each time there is an update I test the new version, but so far no joy. It is case #02313545. Soon my management will require me to use a different tool, especially since we have a new ISD starting and she will have to get Articulate's help to roll all the way back to an unsupported version. If you could poke the development team, that would make me feel slightly better! Thank you again.