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Jul 03, 2019

Hi, everyone!  This has to do with Storyline 360.

I know it is possible to track course completion/scoring without the student seeing the results slide.  The setup I have is that the student needs to complete 10 items before earning 100% for course completion.  However, if a student completed 6 items or 7 items, I would like to award a lower score, say 60% or 70% using these examples.  Here are my questions:

1.  How do I set up the results slide so that it reports the score to the LMS without the student actually seeing this slide?  I am creating a custom "menu" which will track which items have been completed, and each item will be worth 10 points.  I was planning on using variables to track completion of each item since this is more timeline based than interaction based.  

2.  What happens if the student does not complete the work in one setting?  When will the results actually be reported to the LMS?  I know that some of the students will probably complete the work in segments.  

Thanks for your help with this one.  

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Anthony Goss

So I got this working.....but something weird is going on.  I exported to the LMS using SCORM 1.2 to track passed/failed, but the score reported is showing up twice.  I have a result slides that the user never actually sees.  Also, to get this work, I created a Pick One where the interaction is submitted when a variable changes to true following the completion of all content.  I could not get the score to fire in the LMS and show passed with score of 100, so I added a Submit Results Slide trigger when timeline starts to the Correct layer on the Pick One slide.  I think that it is submitting the results slide twice, thus registering 2 scores.  Can I just delete the results slide that the students never see or does it have to be there in order to track passed/failed?  

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