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Sep 07, 2017

Dear user community,

I'm looking for some advice on on a filtered world map I'm trying to create. The idea is that the map shows several places, which can be filtered to either show or hide by applying different categorical filters (type of law in this case).

I'm looking for help on the following issues:

With regards to the legenda:

  • all filters should show "selected" as initial state
  • when deselecting any of the 6 lower filters, the "all filter" should automatically tick "normal"
  • conversely, when selecting all of the lower 6 filters, the "all filter" should automatically tick "selected"
  • with all filters selected, when deselecting any of the six lower filters, the all filter should automatically deselect or tick "normal" too.
  • when selecting the the all filter, all of the six lower filters should automatically tick selected.

With regards to map and the marks themselves:

  • what would be the most efficient way to make sure that I can overlay the different places connected to the different filters? I can not use images in layers unfortunately, considering the fact that the markers should retain functionality towards lightboxes.
  • The marked places should disappear and re-appear based on the filters  that are selected. I can get them to disappear (trigger them to hidden), but cannot automatically get them to re-appear when the filter is deselected again. (I've found this thread that discusses something similar, but can't get it to work in my file).
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Allison LaMotte

Hi Paul,

I've been playing around with this a little and the logic is quite complex here. I think the easiest thing to do would be to get rid of your "all" button entirely and just make it so that all the boxes are selected by default when the learner arrives on the slide. That would eliminate a lot of unnecessary complexity from your interaction.

I'm not sure I fully understand your questions regarding the actual map and marks. What do you mean by "overlay the different places connected to the different filters"? When you say "the marked place should appear and disappear" do you mean that that part of the map should no longer be visible? Or just the markers?



Clingendael Academy -  Communication

Hi Allison,


Thanks for your efforts in helping me out. Although getting rid of the all button entirely is always an option, I would like to keep it if possible for the user to be able to see all courts and tribunals with one click of the mouse.

What I mean to do by my second pair of questions is the following: the map should initially show with markers all the places that house international courts or tribunals. Those markers are clickable and lead to lightboxes that contain some images and additional information on the particular court or tribunal.

The filters therefore function as categories of law. For example, when I want to see only courts and tribunals that pertain to individual international law, I tick only the boxes individual and international. When I want to see only regional state law, I tick only the boxes regional and state. When doing so, only the marked places containing courts and tribunals pertaining to these specific types of law should remain visibile, whereas the other markers should become hidden. When I than continue to deselect those filters, all the markers should either once again become visible (when the all filter is selected), or all filters should become hidden (when none of the filters are selected.

Makes sense?

Allison LaMotte

I wasn't able to find a way to get the "all" button to work the way you'd like it to. You could try submitting it to our support team if you'd like.

I see what you mean. However, I don't see why you can't put them on layers. You can still link to the lightboxes even if they are on layers. I would just uncheck the "hide other layers" box so that multiple layers can be shown at once. Let me know if that works for you!

Mike Enders

Hey Paul,

I had a chance to play with this a little bit today. I'm attaching an initial mockup for the button behavior. I also have the buttons changing the visibility of some objects to demonstrate a possible approach for you. If you wanted markers, you could simple add the markers and trigger their visibility in a similar manner. This would still allow for using layers, lightboxes, etc.

Let me know if this helps!




Clingendael Academy -  Communication

Thank you Mike, very helpful! The only functionality still missing from this is being able to deselect all of the filters by deselecting the ' all' filter. I find this to be difficult considering there's a way to set up a trigger to change the state of one object on the condition of state changes of several other objects, but not vice versa (the desired state changes of the checkboxes zone 01, 02 and 03 when the the state of the all checkbox changes, in the case of your mock-up).

Phil Mayor

Oops pressed the wrong button

This should work, but I can see two bugs, and note Mike has the same issue.

The all button doesn't seem to want to be selected and it is random when it should be.

I tried adding a layer to deselect (change to normal) all of the check boxes are selected and user clicks all, but what this does is show the layer and deselect the All box but not the others, funnily I took the same trigger and changed it to o'clock on the layer and it works, perhaps i have something, wrong here but I think it is right.

I will keep on having a look, there is some oddity in states


Kevin Thorn

Hey Paul,

I experienced the same thing Mike and Phil did with a wonky behavior related to the ALL checkbox. It may or may not be a bug, but careful study leads me to think it is a matter of contradictory instructions from the triggers.

Meaning, we're telling Storyline to change the state of the ALL checkbox based on the state of one or more other checkboxes. Then, in the same manner we're asking Storyline to do those inverse actions at the same time. All from a single user click.

So...alternatives? Could use Layers but that might get messy depending on how the remainder of this interaction needs to be built out. Could use variables, but could also get messy managing unnecessary conditional triggers.

I was able to solve your dilemma using leveraging not only the states of checkboxes but alos other object states. From the above challenge with the ALL checkbox, the "backdoor" way is to leverage something else instead of the object itself or similar objects affecting backward interactivity. 

The backdoor in this case is to leverage the Normal/Hidden states of the Area map objects. Those conditions are changed based on selecting one of the Zone checkboxes. Instead of evaluating the Normal/Selected state of another checkbox, evaluate the Normal/Hidden state of the Area map objects to then change the state of the ALL checkbox.

That worked for individual selection of one Zone checkbox or the other. Meaning, that piece of the overall interaction works.

Next, figure out how to select or deselect all three Zone checkboxes based on a single click of the ALL checkbox. This is where that wonky behavior started and also may be where there's a pesky bug lurking around underneath.

No worries, ignore the bug and work around it by faking out Storyline! 

I added two rectangle shapes on top of the ALL checkbox. One for "ALL ON" and one for "ALL OFF". For demonstration and in the attached example I set the color for ALL ON to green and ALL OFF to red and a transparency to about 70%. At production, simply set their transparency to 100%.

Initially, ALL ON is set to Normal and ALL OFF is set to Hidden

As their object names imply, ALL ON changes all four checkboxes - ALL, 01, 02, and 03 to Selected state plus changing ALL ON to Hidden and ALL OFF to Normal. ALL OFF does the inverse by changing all four checkboxes to Normal and flipping ALL ON back to Normal and ALL OFF back to Hidden. 

This approach eliminates any contradictory triggers attempting to manipulate the same objects.

A little side step thinking, but hopefully this functionality is what you were wanting to achieve. Should be easy enough to build onto and repurpose for more Zones.

Let me know if I misinterpreted anything.

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