How can I Capture Narration Feedback using REVIEW 360?

I am new to REVIEW and my client and I have been practicing in preparation for an upcoming review for a project we are working on. Narration script is a huge part of our review process.

When my client reads the Notes section, it is not possible to copy the text and paste it into comments and then make corrections. It appears that we will need to jump through hoops to get that feedback. My client suggests  I copy/paste my narration as the first comment and reviewers can edit that text. You can imagine what my comments section would look like. I thought breaking the narration into slide by slide files and attaching to each slide, but that is going to double my review preparation time. What is this brilliant community doing to solve this dilemma? 

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Nicole Legault

Hey Greg, 

Thanks for posting here in the community. That's quite an interesting quandry you've run into with the reviewing of the narration.. good topic to bring up. I've tossed it around with a few people on the team and here's a few potential solutions:

  • output as word doc and attach in resources; or create a web object with the text on it and make a link to the text. If they wanted, the could like to the doc like google docs and make edits to the script.
  • Could use the translation tool to output and let them edit and then makes for easy input

Hopefully one of these ideas will help you get this sorted out. :) Best of luck to you.