How to avoid .swf heavy course?

Hi all-  I just finished a course for a client who definitely wanted to it accessible to mobile devices.  As a result, I tried to limit any Flash or swf files in the course.  However, now that it's published, we found it takes forever to load on the server and upon further review, it's chock full of .swf files.  Forgive my ignorance, but what causes .swf files other than flash animations?  It's a pretty simple course but has bullets that appear, pictures that fade in, etc.  Are these all the dreaded .swf files?  Pardon my ignorance- I'm just trying to learn from my mistakes so I don't make them again in the future.



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Bob S

Hi Joni,

Not sure what you chose for publishing options; depending on which Articulate product you are using there are several choices including ones specifically aimed at mobile compatibility. You may want to check those out.   NOTE:  A great feature is that you typically do  not have to re-author simple courses, simply re-publish in as many formats as you need to suit your situation.

That being said, the "standard" publishing scheme uses swfs for all sorts of things including the bullets and fades that you mentioned, but also allowing the learner to interact with the various controls, media content, etc etc etc.   In fact, one of the great strengths of Articulate is that is cleverly packages things into lots of smaller swf files that are quicker to access and pre-spool for upcoming slides etc.  This enhances the learner experience over the fewer super huge flash files as other tools' publishing schemes often use.

Hope this helps!