How to decide color and font combination in eLearning courses?

Jan 15, 2018

This is the most essential requirement while developing an eLearning course. 

I have observed this while capturing client requirements, most of them like clean design and good fonts (multiple font combinations) in the course. 

This question is for all the developers, including graphic designers and learning  designers. What are the factors considered while selecting the best-suited fonts and color combination for an eLearning course?

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Walt Hamilton

If you want your learners to concentrate of the content, use a MAXIMUM of two sans-serif fonts.

If you want your learners to concentrate on the fonts, use a variety of many font sizes, cool families (especially those which are so special that they are hard to read), and an uncountable number of random color changes.

David Price

I would agree with David, but if you have free reign of what fonts to use then I will always Google what the latest trends are for web fonts.

I have a couple of font groups which I fall back on which are nice and clean, which I also use when designing websites, and some work with certain colour groups and some don't.  Its a trial and error process for me sometimes until I get the right look and feel.

In regards to colours then this is a tricky one as it depends on the content, design, etc, but for a nice clean design you don't want to stray to far from the primary colours of black and white, with a few greys thrown in the mix.

I recently built a website for one of my businesses and designed it in grey with white and black text, however I felt it lacked the "punch" I wanted, so redesigned it with black and red with white and grey text and now it feels like it has a lot more "umph".  The same principles can be applied to eLearning, however you need to make sure the content is readable and the colours don't distract the learner.

Shailesh Gurav

Thank you Walt, David T and David P for your inputs. It will surely help. 

Actually I was trying to ask if there is any psychology behind using colors for the elearning. For example, In micro-learning courses black and white theme has been used by developers or clean design without any vibrant colors. And same applies with font.


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