How to Elegantly Change Characters in your Elearning?

Jul 31, 2020

Hi All,

I’m creating an online course where leaners have the ability to choose which character they want to be. I’m looking for the most efficient way of transitioning from the base character to one of the chosen Characters.

When I set this up there is a split second where, when you move to a new slide,  you can see the base character before it transitions to the chosen character.

To prevent this I have set an animation on the character so that there is a delay of .75 secs for the character to fade in. This works okay but is there anyway of setting it up without the fade in? I tried hiding the base character, but that didn’t work as I was hoping. I have gone through articulate help videos on this and it seems that that the general advice is the use the entrance animation, but I just wondering if there is a more elegant way.




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Carlton Johnson

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to say that setting the initial state to hidden did the trick. What I was doing previously was setting a trigger to put the state of the character to hidden when the timeline started then another trigger to change it to the relevant character after. This didn't seem to work. But putting the initial state to hidden then having the states (different characters) triggered when the timeline starts seems to work perfectly and means I have been able to get rid of the .75 sec animation fade in and it looks much more fluid. Just what I wanted. 



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