How to finish a course

Hello, I have developed a course in storyline with a final exam at the end.  The user must pass the final with a score of 80%.  If they don't they are redirected to retake the exam.  At the end of the exam they will be directed back to my LMS where they can print their course certificate.  What do I need to put at the end of the course so the results are sent to the LMS?  Is there some sort of finish button in Storyline?  

Thank you in adavance!


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Jenny:

If you've published to LMS, the learner's status (passed, failed, incomplete) should be automatically sent to LMS. (Someone correct me on this if I'm wrong.) To tweak the the way a learner's status is reported to LMS, you might want to check out the settings related to this:

1. Select publish to LMS

2. Select Reporting and Tracking tab (towards bottom)

3. Then check one of the selections from the drop down (passed/ failed, etc.) See circled item below. Hope that helps.--Daniel

Jenny Hogan

Thank you for the help. Now I am having the problem that if a student doesn't pass the exam and exits the course from the results slide their course is reset when they come back to try the exam again.  The whole course is resetting ans showing NO progress but this is only happening when they leave from the results slide and they didn't pass the exam. 

Any suggestions??

Bruce Graham

Jenny - it may be that your LMS needs another setting, some for example need courses to be configured as Failed/Complete.

You should run the course through SCORMCloud, (Search on the forums for more information) to check the manifest file is being seen as all OK, then speak to the LMS folks at your end and run some tests.

Hope that helps.


Jenny Hogan

Thank you Bruce.  Everything is working fine when the student completes the exam, but it is just when the student does not pass and they exit the whole course.  The student can leave and come back at any time in the course and the course will resume but at this point it just resets the entire course.  I will try a different setting like failed/complete.