How to improve supervisory Skills (Beta)?

Since it's been a long weekend, that's why I have decided to think out-of-the-box and design a soft skill course. The name of the course is ABC supervisory skills.

I am not a manager, neither a supervisor of any company. However, I worked with them and had good or bad experiences (as we all have), but I did some research by reading some great books such as

Awesome Supervisory Skills: Seven Lessons for Young, First-Time Managers - by Tamara Murray

The 21st Century Supervisor: Nine Essential Skills for Frontline Leaders by Brad Humphrey

The idea is to draw an image of an ideal manager or supervisor and highlight the critical areas with best possible solutions.

I am still working on it but would like to share the beta version and look forward to seeing your valuable feedback.

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Laurel Schulert

Hi Mohammad,

I love the layout and overall design of this course! It's very calming to look at.

One suggestion might be to add some audio to the pre-quiz, since it was surprising to go from a silent quiz to a narrated course. However, the voice-over narration is lovely! What an excellent voice!

Also, are the ABCs ever actually covered? When I saw ABCs in the title, I expected to see something like "A is for...B is for...". Would you consider maybe changing the name to something like "Fundamentals of Supervisory Skills" if you don't actually use the alphabet?

Mohammad  Hassam

Thank Laurel for liking my prototype.

Yes, I am going to narrate the whole course, including the pre-test.

Good point, I tried to be creative this time. ABCs is a unique identifier than using Fundamentals or Keys of supervisory skills. It leaves some prints in your brain when you see ABCs. Plus, I am also covering a section where I am abbreviating ABCs as well. 


Phil Mayor

I would agree with Laurel fundamentals is a better title, ABCs works well for something like Resuscitation training (Airway, Breathing and Circulation) here it doesnt feel right.

I like the look and feel, if I was being critical I would say to look at your navigation it is muddled with next/prev buttons but at times only a previous button.

Not sure why the True and false buttons have different hover states, instead of a submit button you could simplify navigation by having the True/False button submit. Hover states are inconsistent across the slides I viewed, sometimes a glow other times it is different or there is not a hover state.

The white transparent rectangle often isn't aligned to the bottom and leaves a sliver of the background graphic, also not sure it needs to animate in on every slide, it can become distracting.

You often use a character in a torso only pose and it is floating in the middle of the slide for realism it would be better to anchor them to the bottom of the slide and make them bigger.

The font you have chosen means that the emboldened words are not in line with the text also they have different font sizes for the emboldened font 

Not on the bottom paragraph is the wrong size.

I would like to see the taught element of the course to be made more interactive, at the moment it is a bit like a powerpoint presentation.

Within is one word.

Ensure the objects are aligned and do not move from slide to slide

I think the player would look nicer if the sidebar matched the colour but also this looks too much like the default Storyline player.